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Kathleen E. Bennett, 'Xena: Warrior Princess, Desire Between Women and Interpretive Response'

Charlie Bertsch,  'Secrets of The X-Files' (Bad Subjects)

Christine Boese, The Ballad of the Internet Nutball: the Xenaverse in Cyberspace

Nick Caldwell,  'A Decolonising Doctor? British SF Invasion Narratives' (M/C)

Jesse Cohn, Believing in the Disease: Virologies and Mimetics as Models of Power Relations in Contemporary Science Film (Culture Machine)

Mark Dery, 'Slashing the Borg: Resistance is Fertile'

Umberto Eco, 'Casablanca, or, the Cliches are Having a Ball'

Rebecca Farley, 'The Word made Flesh: Media Coverage of Dead Celebrities'  (M/C)

Thomas Frank, 'The Conquest of Cool: Business Culture, Counterculture, and the Rise of Hip Consumerism'

Gregor Goethals, 'Sacred and Secular Icons'

Scott Green, 'Watchmen'

Massimo Introvigne, 'Strange Wars: Evangelical Counter-Cultists vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (Center for Studies on New Religions)

Henry Jenkins, 'The Poachers and the Stormtroopers'  (Red Rock Eater Digest)

Gary Johnson et al, 'Italian Gothic Horror Cinema'   (Images)

Mark McLelland, 'Local Meanings in Global Space: a case study of women's "Boy love" websites in Japanese and English' (Mots Pluriels)

Mark McLelland, 'Male Homosexuality and Popular Culture' (Intersections)

Hassan Melehy, 'Images Without: Deleuzian Becoming, Science Fiction Cinema in the Eighties'  (Postmodern Culture)

Gary Morris, 'Future Imperfect: Sci-Fi's Nationalist Narratives' (Bright Lights)

Gary Morris,  'Queer Horror: Decoding Universal's Monsters'  (Bright Lights)

Peter Mueller, 'Star Trek and the American Dream' 

Graham J. Murphy, 'Layered Imagings and Colonial Fantasy: Possession, Penetration, and Tarzan Comic Books' (Images)

Annalee Newitz, 'Anime Otaku: Japanese Animation Fans Outside Japan' (Bad Subjects)

Chris Norton, 'Cleopatra Jones: 007 - Blaxploitation, James Bond and Reciprocal Co-optation' (Images)

Russell A. Potter, 'Edward Schizohands: the Postmodern Gothic Body' (Postmodern Culture)

Cliff A. Randi,  'From Klingon to Human: an Analysis of Character Shifts and Value Change'

Bruce Robbins,  'Celeb-Reliance: Intellectuals, Celebrity, and Upward Mobility'  (Postmodern Culture)

Larry Rodman, 'Lone Star Comix Online' (PopMatters)

Steven Schneider, 'Monsters as (Uncanny) Metaphors: Freud, Lakoff and the Representation of Monstrosity in Cinematic Horror'  (Other Voices)

Alan Shapiro, 'Captain Kirk was never the Original' (CTHEORY)

Daniel Shaw, 'A Humean Definition of Horror: Carroll's The Philosophy of Horror; or, Paradoxes of the Heart' (Film-Philosophy)

Atara Stein, 'Minding One's P's and Q's: homoeroticism in Star Trek: the Next Generation' (Genders)

Paul Taylor, 'Fleshing Out the Maelstrom: biopunk and the violence of information'  (M/C)

Thomas Vogler, 'Tank Girl, Anodder Odyssey: Joyce Lives (and Dies) in Popular Culture'  (Other Voices)

Mike Ward, 'Being Lara Croft, or, We are all Sci Fi' (PopMatters)


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